Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Accessories Haul!

So I've collected a few bits and pieces of new jewelry over the past couple weeks and thought I'd share :) I've been wearing more silver lately...probably because I've been obsessing over my new silver rings! Anyway, here are some pics!
meow necklace: forever 21, $3.50; flower statement necklace: Nordstrom, $24.00
pink hair bow: brandy melville, $2.00; cube triangle necklace: brandy melville, $12.00; moon ring: nordstrom, $8.00; silver layered bar necklace: forever 21, $4.00

Friday, October 4, 2013

Perfume Review: One Direction Our Moment

Hello guys! A mini update on my life: starting working again and got a cold from my sister. BUT she was so nice as to gift me the One Direction perfume!! Both of us are huuuuuge fans of the boys and I could not contain my laughter when she brought home TWO bottles of it. We aren't the type of fans to need to have all the merchandise and honestly I've never actually purchased anything just because a celebrity's name was on it but I guess One Direction is an exemption ;)
Because I've been sick I've actually never worn this out to get comments from other people, but I have sprayed it on myself and worn it around the house. The scent stays on for quite a while. It's meant to be a mix of fruity and floral scents and at first I only got the floral notes but the fruitiness is definitely there! This is a very very sweet scent, most likely made for younger girls in mind, but I think it's fine for people a bit older to wear it, too. The bottle is very cutesy and young but I love it! This is a very nice scent for something 5 teenage boys supposedly whipped up themselves. But, honestly, I'd love anything these boys touch :/

There is also an ADORABLE and hilarious perfume commercial to go with it. I seriously don't know how people can resist them.