Friday, May 30, 2014

Watt's Up!? Highlighter Review

Hey! Work as been all consuming lately and on my few days off I've been relaxing and spending time with loved ones. I've gotten quite a bit of new things but the inspiration to blog just hasn't been there. However, a couple days ago I went to Sephora to exchange somethings my mom got me (Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation and BB cream) and picked up the Benefit Watt's Up highlighter. I've been using a $3 ELF highlighter for a while and have always wanted to try a better one. Watt's Up is a much loved and talked about one, so I finally just tried it. It's a beautiful champagne color and definitely applies better than the ELF one I have. I apply it just on my cheekbone and blend in so I don't look too shiny, but to create a beautiful glow. The packaging is obviously stunning and so creative; classic Benefit. It also comes with a blending sponge which is def going to come in handy. I'll be honest. I do feel silly for spending $30 on a highlighter. Had it not been an exchange from something my mom got me I don't think I would have been able to spend so much. I'm happy with how gorg it looks once it's on but I can't help thinking I would have rather splurged on a new YSL lippy! But it's alright, as a luxury high lighter I feel like this is easily a front runner.