Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Look: Simply Rosy

Hello Friends! I decided to do a little Valentine's Day look for the special day coming up! I'm not sure what I will be doing on Valentine's... my boyf won't tell me! But I'm exicted anyway :) I created a verrry simple makeup look (annoyingly enough my eyeshadow didn't show up very well on camera :/) to wear on the day! It's a very pink/rosy look that was aided greatly by the lovely Naked 3 palette! Here, enjoy some posey pictures of me.

I didn't buy anything new, just used what I currently have in my makeup bag! My focus was mainly the cheeks and the lips because I wanted to create an almost baby-doll look. Makeup used:

Lips: apocalips/show off in celestial

face: YSL touche eclat foundation, Rimmel stay matte powder

cheeks: MAC fleur powder blusher, ELF highlighter

lashes: Rimmel Scandal eyes retro glam

nails: Essie find me an oasis

eyes: Naked 3 palette, Rimmel Scandal eyes khol liner smudged with MAC twinks eyeshadow

So honestly, not anything crazy different than I would usually do, just featuring far more pink than I would normally wear, seeing as I'm a berry and bronze type of girl ;) Here's a closer look at the colors used from the Naked 3 palette...I used colors from the pinker side of the palette just because they are obviously perfect for a VDay look! Have a sorta awkward picture of me closing my eyes:

I simply covered my whole lid with "burnout" and then gently dusted a little bit of "bust" over that. The darker brown eyeshadow I put over my liner is twinks by MAC, which I wear everyday! There you go! If you're doing something not so fancy for Valentine's Day I think a nice, rosy look like this will be perfect! If you're doing something fancy...by all means go all out! :D

Monday, February 10, 2014

Grabble Loves ASOS!

Hello there! I've recently been informed about a new amazing fashion website called Grabble. I decided to check it out and def liked what I saw! It's basically a place for you to store anything you find on other websites in one neat little place. You put the Grabble button in your bookmark bar, then click it when you are on the page of an item you like, and then it simply saves into your Grabble collection! Don't worry, there's a really easy to understand video on this on their website. The best thing to me about Grabble?? They alert you when your saved items go on sale!! No we don't have to keep checking each individual website we haunt. :) You also get a 10 pound voucher when you sign up!!
Now onto the extra exciting bit... Grabble is hosting a contest with ASOS in which you can win 750 pounds towards the ASOS website. I mean, I can't even imagine winning such a cool prize. All you have to do is go to ASOS and pick out a minimum of six things to go in a Valentine's Day collection! Take a screenshot of your collection, then blog about it!

That's my ASOS Valentine's day collection. If you click the picture it goes to my collection page on Grabble. :) I had a lot of fun looking through all their items and I'm so inspired I'm going to be doing a VDay look quite soon!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Style Icon: Rihanna!!!

In my opinion, Rihanna is probably the most beautiful woman ever. She makes questionable looking outfits look great on her. She carries herself with a sexy confidence that I can only dream of attaining. I've loved her and her music for a long time and have even been lucky enough to see her in concert! Her style is ever changing and she seems to go through a lot of phases (who doesn't?). I love what she wears from her edgy, urban street style to her glamorous, sexy, gowns. Will I ever be able to pull of what she wears? No. Most likely not. Her style doesn't suit my own personal style but I still admire it.

I like how she mixes masculine clothes with her own feminine edge. It's a look that many girls, and even other celebrities often try to imitate. Ri Ri isn't afraid of offending anybody with her outfit choices and is always 100% herself. I could go on all day about her, talk about her different styles for her different music era's...but I think I've gotten my point across. ;)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Essie Resort 2014 Collection

Hi! So it's been about a week since an update but I just found it hard to find inspiration last week, I guess! No excuse! However, I am totally re-inspired by the new mini nail polishes I got yesterday!! When I saw pictures of this collection on instagram I fell completely in love. I'm still not so sure what draws me to these colors so much, but I couldn't resist them when I found the mini versions in Ulta. It's like a little taste of summer in winter!
I feel like these colors work all year round. To me, they are a very creative way of depicting a day at the beach. They aren't the obvious spring/summer colors and I think that's what makes them so great! I did swatch them on my nails, but the lighting was so awful when I took the pictures I decided not the include them. :/ But I will def be putting pictures up on instagram and twitter when I do end up wearing each color! :)

cocktails and coconuts: A light tan color with a little bit of silver shimmer. The sparkle is very subtle, but when it catches the light it is gorgeous! This will look so pretty on tan hands. This polish has my favorite name out of all of them.

under the twilight: This deep, dark plum color is the odd one out but oh my goodness is it pretty. Sometimes you just feel like wearing dark colors in the warmer months and this is perfect. It reminds me of sitting under the stars on a warm evening. So beautiful. It almost looks black when on the nail, but the plum peeks through :).

find me an oasis: My fave of the collection. It's a super light, almost white, chalky blue. It's gorgeous and unique. I can't wait to wear it. It draws attention itself in the greatest way.

resort fling: A peachy coral color with a gel-like finish. Similar to Essie's tart deco, but the consistency is different, it's less bright, and is a more peach with orange notes than tart deco. I feel like you can totally get away with having both colors. This color reminds me of a yummy drink you would sip while at the pool or beach ;)

Also, look how darling the packaging is for these minis! It cost $17 dollars but i consider it worth it since a full size essie is around 9 dollars. I do not regret this impulse buy at all!! :)