Friday, February 7, 2014

Essie Resort 2014 Collection

Hi! So it's been about a week since an update but I just found it hard to find inspiration last week, I guess! No excuse! However, I am totally re-inspired by the new mini nail polishes I got yesterday!! When I saw pictures of this collection on instagram I fell completely in love. I'm still not so sure what draws me to these colors so much, but I couldn't resist them when I found the mini versions in Ulta. It's like a little taste of summer in winter!
I feel like these colors work all year round. To me, they are a very creative way of depicting a day at the beach. They aren't the obvious spring/summer colors and I think that's what makes them so great! I did swatch them on my nails, but the lighting was so awful when I took the pictures I decided not the include them. :/ But I will def be putting pictures up on instagram and twitter when I do end up wearing each color! :)

cocktails and coconuts: A light tan color with a little bit of silver shimmer. The sparkle is very subtle, but when it catches the light it is gorgeous! This will look so pretty on tan hands. This polish has my favorite name out of all of them.

under the twilight: This deep, dark plum color is the odd one out but oh my goodness is it pretty. Sometimes you just feel like wearing dark colors in the warmer months and this is perfect. It reminds me of sitting under the stars on a warm evening. So beautiful. It almost looks black when on the nail, but the plum peeks through :).

find me an oasis: My fave of the collection. It's a super light, almost white, chalky blue. It's gorgeous and unique. I can't wait to wear it. It draws attention itself in the greatest way.

resort fling: A peachy coral color with a gel-like finish. Similar to Essie's tart deco, but the consistency is different, it's less bright, and is a more peach with orange notes than tart deco. I feel like you can totally get away with having both colors. This color reminds me of a yummy drink you would sip while at the pool or beach ;)

Also, look how darling the packaging is for these minis! It cost $17 dollars but i consider it worth it since a full size essie is around 9 dollars. I do not regret this impulse buy at all!! :)

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