Sunday, February 9, 2014

Style Icon: Rihanna!!!

In my opinion, Rihanna is probably the most beautiful woman ever. She makes questionable looking outfits look great on her. She carries herself with a sexy confidence that I can only dream of attaining. I've loved her and her music for a long time and have even been lucky enough to see her in concert! Her style is ever changing and she seems to go through a lot of phases (who doesn't?). I love what she wears from her edgy, urban street style to her glamorous, sexy, gowns. Will I ever be able to pull of what she wears? No. Most likely not. Her style doesn't suit my own personal style but I still admire it.

I like how she mixes masculine clothes with her own feminine edge. It's a look that many girls, and even other celebrities often try to imitate. Ri Ri isn't afraid of offending anybody with her outfit choices and is always 100% herself. I could go on all day about her, talk about her different styles for her different music era's...but I think I've gotten my point across. ;)

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