Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay

Jo Malone Blackerry and bay

I can't rave enough about Jo Malone. What a classy, sophisticated, beautiful brand of fragrance. Obsessed. Now, I've been wanting to get my little paws on ANYTHING Jo Malone for quite some time, and finally got a little bottle of one of my favorite scents from them. Blackberry and Bay cologne is unlike anything in my collection of floral and sweet perfumes. This scent is clean, and fruity in an alluring, rather than cutesy, way. Perfect for the colder months in my opinion. The official description on the website is like this:

Childhood memories of blackberry picking...A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Vibrant and verdant.

It's a bit warm smelling when mixed with my body chemisty, not sure that makes sense. I tend to put in on my wrist rather than my neck area just because I feel like it blends in with me better there. It's quite expensive, so I only got the little bottle for now, hopefully my collection will grow (with candles!). I feel these fragrances and packaging designs are timeless and will look beautiful in any perfume/cologne collection.


  1. I use to work for Jo Malone...and use to get tons of stuff for free...those were the days......

  2. Wow, the packaging is so classy! Definitely looking forward to buying something from Jo Malone, however they're a bit too pricy, so I'll have to save some money. :/ Great post :)

    xx from

  3. i've been obsessed with jo malone for so long too!! i've only bought 1 perfume from them so far (their orange blossom cologne), but will definitely treat myself to more once i find an excuse to splurge again hehe. i sniffed their blackberry and bay cologne recently and it does smell lovely. such a unique scent, perfect for the cooler months i think! :)

    rachel x