Friday, September 20, 2013

A little something about me...

So, I've been posting about products or my favorite things for the past couple weeks...but never did a proper introduction! I am a little wary of being too personal because this is the internet after all! However, I do want to be able to write about personal things as well as the usuals like taking pics of makeup and clothes :) SO I guess I'm working my way up to that! I used to blog A LOT about what was going on in my life in my late teens on livejournal haha! So every now and then I'll do little posts about what I've been up to like hanging out with friends etc. mostly just for my own personal keepsake. Anyway! Moving on :) Just some little facts about me and cute pictures of my doggie !
  • My name is Nicole & I'm 23 living in California 
  • I studied sociology & now I want to study constitutional law 
  • I work in a department store 
  • I'm half English and half Japanese 
  • I've caught the travel bug after going to Europe for two summers in a row...planning on a third! 
  • London is my favorite place in the world (that I've been) Hawaii is my second 
  • England and Hawaii both feel like second homes because I have so much family in both places 
  • I love candles...and flowers...and well, anything ~dainty and girly 
  • I can be quite sassy and obnoxious but you'd have to be a close friend to be exposed to that! otherwise I can be quiet as a mouse! 
  • I love almost all types of music as long as it makes me feel something 
  • I like to make up stories in my head but I have a hard time writing them down 
  • Lover of all things pastel and shabby chic 
  • dislike summer & lovessssss winter (wish it snowed here :/) 
  • I am pretty fandom obsessed (if you're on tumblr I think you'd know what that means) 
  • I love lemon flavored things 
  • I can eat salmon sushi for the rest of my life and not feel tired of it 
  • Harry Potter obsessed since 1999 
  • I love crescent moon jewelry 
  • I go through style phases 

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