Friday, September 13, 2013

lippy collection!

Hello! I decided it would be nice to take photos of and share my lip product collection! I really enjoy all of these lippy's so much and I found most of them because of beauty blogs! To be honest- I'm not great at eye shadow, so when I do want to change up a makeup look I always go for different shades of lipsticks. I don't have an extensive amount or anything but I do think I have a humble little collection :) I would recommend any of these brands (they are mostly revlon) and I know many of these products are already well loved by many!!
These are probably my go to types of lipsticks because they are not so expensive, pigmented, and come in so many colors! I'm not one to wear nude, or lightly colored lipsticks just because I don't think they suit me- I typically go for berry and mauve shades :) My most worn here is sassy mauve, it's so easy to throw on.
These lip balm stains are seriously amazing. They stay on so well and only need maybe one touch up during the day. They are quite drying though! My most worn is obviously smitten!
I recently got these lip butters and to be honest I'm not sure what took me so long! They are so lovely and great for those days when you don't feel like you need a strong lip but also don't want to have nothing on. Tutti Frutti is a bit more pigmented than the other two but still feels very smooth and moisturizing.
I got these apocalips on my recent trip to the UK and oh my goodness I am so obsessed I regret not buying more!! So bright and easy to apply. I hear we have them/are getting them in the states under a different name so I plan on hunting them down! I wear galaxy almost every day. Should have bought two!
Here are just some random lipsticks I have in my collection. Because they are so bright, I don't wear the two on the ends much. I have to be feeling very brave! Rebel however, is my go to color in the fall/winter. I know so many people love it and for good reason! I love collecting lip products and am hoping to get more lip butters and apocalips because they are both just so amazing. If anybody had recommendations please let me know :)

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  1. I love the Kissable Balm Stains from Revlon. I have several, too, and they're great!