Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Body Shop Haul and Review!

So, thanks to a couple sales, I've kind of been Body Shop crazy this past few weeks. This post contains products I bought over two trips to the Body Shop and I am sooo excited about my new stuff! Before this I've never really been too into the Body Shop besides my coconut body butter. I have used each of these products a couple times now so I can give them a good review.

Firstly, is the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. This acts as a makeup remover and overall facial cleanser. However, this isn't really a product to use on it's own. It's really good at removing makeup, and although your eye makeup might make you look like a raccoon for a bit I really enjoy using this! It's not as quick or easy as just using a regular makeup remover but I feel like this is a lot more gentle and nourishing. I also love love love the smell! It's fairly light but it's a gorgeous floral scent. Love the packaging too!

These little perfumes are so wonderful. I wrote about the Honeymania one in my last post, but my new Morninga eau du toilette is just as amazing. It's another floral scent, but it's so gorgeous, light, and refreshing. It actually smells like it could be a high end fragrance and I plan on getting more in this scent at the next 40% off sale. The girl in the shop told me that she sprays the two together and it's a dupe for a certain Michael Kors perfume. Sold!

Tea tree! So many people have tried and loved these products and now I am one of them. The oil is a staple product in many beauty enthusiasts collection and for good reason. I apply it to any blemishes and sometimes even overnight, they vanish! The cool and creamy wash is also great. It leaves a cool sensation on my face after I use it (which I love) and feels very moisturizing. These tea tree products have strong scents that I can see causing problems for some but I don't really mind them. I haven't had any major breakouts since using them!

This Vitamin E face mist is soooo great. It smells like fresh roses and is super refreshing. I use it maybe three times a day. It's meant to give you an extra boost of moisture during the day. Perfect for when you start to feel groggy. I bought this because my Caudalie face mist ran out, and I can't seem to live with out them!

I got these products during the 40% off sale and the buy 2 get 2 sale. Really great deals and I look forward to trying out more Body Shop products. I think a new obsession has started!!!!

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  1. Love the body shop, great haul. Newest follower :) xx